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Our Services

Workshops in Customer Relationship Management - Softskills focuses on Customer Relationship Management (CRM) skills which contribute to a winning CRM strategy. The initial part of every CRM cycle is triggered with a pre-sales activity. Our trainers impart skills that convert a pre-sales activity into a sales deal. The training curriculum includes negotiation skills, decision making skills, training to ensure continued customer satisfaction, calculation of business metrics, and taking ownership of customer issues with first call resolution.

The main subjects covered in the CRM workshops include:

Customer Service in Call Centers

Customer Service in the Hospitality industry

Customer Service in Healthcare

Customer Service in the Front Office

Social Media and Customer Service

Communication Strategies

Assertiveness and Self Confidence

Creative Problem Solving

Motivating Employees

Emotional Intelligence

Interpersonal Skills

Team Building

Employability Skills

Values & Ethics

Stress Management

Decision Making

Business Writing


Time Management

Conflict Management

Change Management

Negotiation Skills

Leadership Development

Supervisory Skills

Diversity/ Intercultural Communication - Companies across the globe are engaged in cross-barrier trades and opening up subsidiary units in other cost-effective countries. Our workshops on diversity and intercultural communication cover a number of subjects:

Diversity in Business

Intercultural Communication at Work

Generational Diversity

Cultural Diversity

Call Center Training - Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is a cost-effective process, which is also is in sync with the globalized liberal economy. Managing agents and improving the service quality of the call centers are a priority today. Some of the topics covered in the workshops include:

Best Practices in Call Center Management

Skills Assessment for Call Center Employees

Training and Empowerment tools for Frontline Employees, Supervisors, Managers and Senior Level Executives

Developing Sales Skills for the Call Center

Developing Negotiation Skills in the Call Center

Agent Performance Management

Agent Incentive Planning

Evaluating Business Processes in the Call Center

Workshops in Warehouse, Distribution Systems and Logistics

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